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I provide process based training; i.e training dedicated to improving your process in your business. With such training your own staff are enabled to carry out such activities on different processes in the future.

If something is not quite working well in your business, I can help you discover what it is, and what can be done about it.

With a background in both quality and finance, I am able to get to the bottom of most of the issues that effect any business.

Should you require a free review of your business to discuss your needs please contact me.

- What experience do I have? How can it help you?
As a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt:

- Lean and Six Sigma improvement activities
- Supported and trained Yellow, Green and Black Belt Projects
- Workshops for all levels of staff to apply improvement methodology
to their own processes.
- Running workshops for engineers to understand processes and carry out D.o.E (Design of Experiments) on their production processes (where appropriate)

As a Financial Manager: (as a Finance Director and Group Financial Controller)

- managed the sale and purchase of corporate entities, with responsibility for Due Diligence work.
- managed the administrative commissioning of a new factory in South Africa.
- set up financial and management accounting systems and management reporting.
- overseen and worked with 50 Subsidiaries ensuring their successful performance.
- introduced "fast and accurate close" in many companies.
- improved processes to ensure quick and cost effective audits.

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